by Rufflefeather

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Sixation is an ode to the confusion and anxiety that are the symptoms of a hyper active imagination. It is the acknowledgement of the elaborate inner narrative that runs parallel to life's actual happenings. Leaving the thinker to the mercy of an endless stream of potentialities ...Lost in the realm of thought.


Is it a sound?
Something so discreet
The roots of this noxious weed, grown deep
The hair on my neck
The look in her eye
And would you know danger if it passed you right by?

This unease comes and goes but really
Does it die? or is it just sleeping?

Imagining things
This burgeoning doubt
Chalking up my battle to a full blown rout
If by design
Malicious and cruel
Fucking with my rhythm till I am a bumbling fool

This unease such a subtle creature
You think you're winning till you see that it's beat ya

My hand in a fist wrapped 'round my keys
Waiting in my pocket for the need
Was this general sense of unease
had me searching shadows and clenching my teeth

oh no no no
I see you there
You little rascal
No don't you dare
Oh no no no
I see you there
You little devil
You wouldn't dare


released June 3, 2016
Zane Thompson, Jack Kirkpatrick, Jonny Steiner, Alex Sullivan



all rights reserved


Rufflefeather Sydney, Australia

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